Hailie Deegan Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Born in 2001, Hailie Deegan is a rising star in stock car racing. At just 23 years old, Deegan has already made a name for herself in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving for AM Racing and representing Ford Performance.

With a strong background in off-road and dirt racing, Deegan transitioned to asphalt in 2016 and has not looked back. She quickly made history by becoming the first female driver to win races in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West in the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Deegan’s success on the track has also brought attention to her family, as she is the daughter of legendary motocross and off-road racer Brian Deegan. Standing at an impressive height of 5’7″, Deegan’s fearless driving style and determination have led to a bright future in the racing world.

With her talent and drive, it’s no surprise that Deegan’s net worth and career are only expected to grow in the coming years. Keep an eye on this young phenom as she continues to make waves in motorsports.

Hailie Deegan’s Biography/Wiki

Who is Hailie Deegan?

Hailie Deegan Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Hailie Deegan is a young American racing phenomenon breaking barriers in the male-dominated world of NASCAR racing. Her journey began with off-road and dirt racing before strategically moving to asphalt in 2016. Not only did she adjust seamlessly, but she also made history.

Her fearless drive behind the wheel and steadfast determination made her the first female driver to notch victories in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West in 2018 and 2019. She competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, representing Ford Performance and AM Racing.

Beyond her driving prowess, she is also known as the daughter of motocross and off-road legend Brian Deegan. Hailie Deegan’s passion for speed and precision and her relentless pursuit of success set her apart in the racing world.

Hailie Deegan’s Early Life

Hailie Deegan was born in Temecula, California, on July 18, 2001. She was exposed to motorsports early due to her father, Brian Deegan, a legend in motocross and off-road racing. This helped to cultivate her love and passion for racing, and she began her career in motorsports by racing off-road and on dirt.

Hailie inherited her father’s love for the sport and his tenacity and fearless approach to the track. Her childhood was filled with the thrill of speed and competition, setting the stage for her eventual transition to asphalt and stock car racing. This early introduction to racing provided Hailie with a solid foundation for her burgeoning career in NASCAR.

Hailie Deegan’s Education

Hailie Deegan’s education is closely tied to her racing career. Given her early exposure to motorsports, much of her learning was hands-on, on the track. Traditional academic details about her schooling are not widely available, as she pursued her racing career in parallel with her education.

While she did not follow a conventional school path, Deegan received education and training in motorsports from a young age, gaining valuable experience in off-road and dirt racing before transitioning to asphalt and stock car racing.

Her father, Brian Deegan, was instrumental in her early education in the sport, fostering her love for racing and coaching her in driving techniques. Despite the non-traditional path, Hailie’s educational journey has prepared her well for her current role as a professional NASCAR driver.

Hailie Deegan’s Family

Hailie Deegan Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Hailie Deegan comes from a family deeply entrenched in the world of motorsports. Her father, Brian Deegan, is a well-known figure in motocross and off-road racing, earning his fame with multiple championship titles under his belt. Hailie’s affinity for speed and her competitive nature can be traced back to her father’s influence.

Her mother, Marissa Deegan, has also been a constant pillar of support in her journey. Besides her parents, Hailie has two siblings: brother Haiden, who is making waves in the motocross world, and sister Hudson.

Growing up in a family with a passion for racing has shaped Hailie’s career and fueled her desire to succeed in the high-speed world of NASCAR. Her family’s unwavering support and love for motorsports have been pivotal in her rise as a professional stock car racing driver.

Hailie Deegan’s Husband/boyfriend

As of the latest updates, Hailie Deegan appears focused on her budding racing career rather than being involved in a romantic relationship. The young driver has not publicly disclosed any information about her dating life or having a boyfriend. She remains private about her personal life outside of her racing career.

While it’s natural for fans to be curious about her love life, Hailie prefers keeping this part of her life away from the limelight, focusing instead on shattering records and making a name for herself in NASCAR. This section will be updated as more information about Hailie Deegan’s romantic relationships becomes available.

Hailie Deegan’s Career

Hailie Deegan’s professional career in motorsports kicked off in earnest when she boldly transitioned from off-road and dirt racing to asphalt in 2016. The following year, she participated in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West, a significant stepping stone for young drivers. Her driving acumen was apparent as she quickly gained recognition for her talent and determination.

In 2018 and 2019, Deegan broke records by becoming the first woman to win races in the West Series. These victories significantly boosted her profile in the world of motorsports. Today, she competes full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for AM Racing, driving a No. 15 Ford Mustang.

Deegan continues to carve out her niche in the NASCAR world, adding to her reputation with every race. As a representative of Ford Performance, she maintains a strong relationship with the brand and consistently demonstrates her prowess on the track. As she moves forward in her career, Deegan focuses on achieving more firsts and pushing the boundaries in stock car racing.

Hailie Deegan’s Net Worth

Hailie Deegan Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Since embarking on her professional racing career, Hailie Deegan has quickly climbed the ranks in NASCAR, accumulating impressive wins. With these achievements, her net worth has seen a significant boost. As of 2024, Deegan’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

This figure is primarily derived from her stock car racing driver earnings. In addition, she also garners income from endorsements and sponsorships tied to her racing career. Her association with major brands like Ford Performance also contributes to her financial success.

Deegan’s net worth is expected to rise as she continues to excel in her racing career. Her impact on NASCAR as a young, talented, and determined female driver makes her an attractive figure for brand partnerships, which can further increase her earnings. Deegan’s career trajectory and financial success are on an upward trend.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances


Hailie Deegan is of American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Her parents, Brian Deegan and Marissa Deegan, are of American origin. The Deegan family’s heritage is a blend of diverse cultures that have contributed to the rich and varied tapestry of the United States.

While her cultural background may not be at the forefront of her career in NASCAR, it undeniably forms part of her identity. Despite her young age, Hailie has made a mark for herself in the field of stock car racing, transcending any cultural or ethnic boundaries and making her an inspiration for aspiring racers everywhere.

As she continues breaking records and shattering glass ceilings, she is not just representing her family or community. Still, she is becoming a symbol of excellence for young, aspiring athletes across America and beyond.


Hailie Deegan Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Despite her young age, Hailie Deegan has already made quite an impression on the motorsports world, earning her some exciting tidbits worth sharing. One of her most surprising feats is that she was only 17 when she made history by becoming the first woman to win a race in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series West.

Off the track, Hailie has a large social media following, with over a million followers on Instagram alone, where she frequently shares glimpses of her life and career. Furthermore, while she represents Ford Performance now, she started her career with Toyota Racing Development, a testament to her versatility and adaptability.

In addition, her younger brother Haiden, also known as “Danger Boy,” is a successful motocross racer and a budding motorsports star in his own right. While Hailie remains focused on her racing career, she is also a role model for aspiring female racers, proving that gender is not a barrier to success in motorsports. This fascinating trivia demonstrates her talent, skill, and ability to inspire others through her ground-breaking journey.

Before Fame

Before catapulting to fame in the NASCAR world, Hailie Deegan’s life was already steeped in the thrill of motorsports. Under her father, Brian Deegan’s tutelage, she started racing off-road and on dirt from a young age. Despite being in the shadow of her father’s motocross and off-road racing career, Hailie carved her path.

She was dedicated to refining her skills, displaying a tenacity that would later define her professional career. Her innate talent and fearless spirit were evident, but she decided to transition to asphalt racing in 2016, which set the stage for her future success.

During this pre-fame phase, Hailie’s love for racing and her relentless pursuit of success became the foundation of her career, preparing her for the challenges and triumphs that awaited her in NASCAR. Her journey from a young girl passionate about speed to a record-breaking NASCAR driver demonstrates her commitment to her craft, even before the spotlight of fame found her.


  • Motorsports Enthusiasm: Unsurprisingly, much of Deegan’s free time revolves around her passion for motorsports. Whether practicing her driving skills or watching other races, her love for the sport extends beyond her professional career.
  • Physical Fitness: Deegan recognizes the importance of maintaining peak physical condition for her racing career. She regularly performs fitness training, including cardio and strength exercises, to keep herself in top form.
  • Family Time: Coming from a motorsports-loving family, Deegan often spends quality time with her family. Activities include supporting her brother, Hayden, at his motocross events and sharing fun moments with her parents and younger sister, Hudson.
  • Social Media Engagement: Deegan enjoys interacting with her fans on social media platforms, sharing glimpses of her racing career and personal life. With over a million followers on Instagram, her online presence is a hobby and an integral part of her public persona.
  • Outdoor Activities: A true thrill-seeker, Deegan also loves spending time outdoors. She often engages in adrenaline-fueled activities such as dirt biking and off-roading, reminiscent of her early racing days.

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Car: Unsurprisingly, Deegan’s favorite car is the Ford Mustang, which she drives for AM Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.
  • Favorite Track: One of her favorite tracks is the Bristol Motor Speedway, which she considers one of the most challenging and exciting in the NASCAR series.
  • Favorite Exercise: Deegan enjoys strength training, which she incorporates into her fitness routine to help maintain her physical condition for racing.
  • Favorite Pastime: Beyond racing, one of her favorite pastimes is spending time outdoors, especially when it involves adrenaline-fueled activities like dirt biking and off-roading.
  • Favorite Social Media Platform: Deegan is highly active on Instagram, frequently interacting with her fans and sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her racing career.

Hailie Deegan Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hailie Deegan related to Brian Deegan?

Yes, Hailie Deegan is the daughter of motocross and off-road legend Brian Deegan.

What car does Hailie Deegan drive?

Hailie Deegan drives the No. 15 Ford Mustang for AM Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Is Hailie Deegan single?

As of the latest updates, Hailie Deegan has not publicly disclosed any romantic relationships, focusing on her racing career.

What is Hailie Deegan’s net worth?

As of 2024, Hailie Deegan’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million, derived mainly from her racing career and endorsements.


Hailie Deegan is an impressive force in the world of NASCAR. Her transition from off-road and dirt racing to asphalt, record-breaking victories, and steadfast commitment to her craft has solidified her place as a trailblazer in a male-dominated sport. Off the track, her humility and close-knit family ties keep her grounded despite her burgeoning career.

Deegan’s influence in motorsports is undeniable, with an estimated net worth of $2 million and an ever-growing fan base. As she continues to navigate her path in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for many young aspiring racers. With her relentless drive, fearless spirit, and unwavering dedication, Hailie Deegan is not just making a name for herself, but she is redefining the landscape of stock car racing.

One thing is sure: the world of motorsports should keep an eye on this rising star as she shatters records and breaks new ground. Her story thus far is a testament to the fact that gender is no barrier to achieving greatness in the racing world.

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