Jelly Roll Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Meet Jason Bradley DeFord, better known by his stage name Jelly Roll. This American rapper, singer, and songwriter has taken the music industry by storm with his unique style and powerful lyrics. Born on December 4, 1984, in Antioch, Tennessee, Jelly Roll became a household name.

At the age of 38, he achieved great success, including a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist and three CMT Music Awards for his hit single “Son of a Sinner.” But his journey to fame has been a challenging one.

Growing up in a troubled home with a mother struggling with addiction and a father who worked as a meat salesman and a bookie, Jelly Roll turned to music as an escape. 2003, he began his career and has since risen to mainstream prominence. With his raw talent, Jelly Roll has captured the hearts of millions and continues to make waves in the music industry.

Jelly Roll’s Biography/Wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Jelly Roll
Birth Name Jason DeFord
Date of Birth December 4, 1986
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Years Active 2003-present
Genres Hip hop, Country rap
Labels It Goes Up Entertainment, War Dog, Strange Music
Associated Acts Lil Wyte, Haystak, Struggle Jennings

Who is Jelly Roll?

Jelly Roll Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Jelly Roll is a talented American rapper, singer, and songwriter who has risen to fame despite the challenges he faced growing up. He embarked on his musical journey in 2003, and over the years, he has showcased his knack for crafting hits with his original style and powerful lyrics.

His prominent works include the 2022 singles “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner,” earning him three CMT Music Awards and catapulting him to mainstream prominence. Jelly Roll’s music resonates with listeners because of its authenticity and unique sound and because it tells a story of resilience and determination.

His artistry and work ethic led to his nomination for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2022. Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord, is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, continuing to inspire millions with his passion for music and his compelling personal journey.

Jelly Roll’s Early Life

Jason Bradley DeFord was born and raised in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. His early life was a turbulent one, marred by various challenges. His father was a meat salesman, earning extra income as a bookie, while his mother struggled with mental illness and addiction, painting a harrowing picture of his upbringing.

It was during these challenging years that young Jason found solace in music. Unfortunately, at the tender age of 14, DeFord got involved in unlawful activities and was arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession of marijuana and attempted robbery.

Despite the trials and tribulations of his early life, DeFord managed to channel his experiences and emotions into music, setting him on the path to becoming the artist known today as Jelly Roll. His early years are a testament to his resilience and determination, which are vividly reflected in his music and have contributed to his success.

Jelly Roll’s Education

Information about Jelly Roll’s educational background could be more extensive. Given his challenges during his formative years, including his early run-in with the law at age 14, his educational journey was likely non-traditional and disrupted. Jelly Roll has not publicly disclosed detailed information about his schooling or academic achievements.

However, his lyrical skills, storytelling abilities, and grasp of various complex subjects in his music suggest that he is self-educated in many areas. His life experiences have also been a significant source of learning and personal growth, influencing his music and career trajectory.

Jelly Roll’s Family

Jelly Roll Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Jelly Roll’s family life has been characterized by adversity and challenges, which have shaped his music and personal journey. His father was a meat salesman who worked as a bookie to make ends meet. However, his mother’s battle with mental illness and addiction had a significant impact on his upbringing, leading to a challenging childhood.

The rapper has not disclosed much about siblings or other family members, suggesting a potentially tumultuous family dynamic. Despite the struggles and hardships, it was within this backdrop that Jelly Roll found his love for music and storytelling, using it to express his emotions and experiences.

Jelly Roll’s Wife

Jelly Roll is happily married to Bunnie Xo, a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. Bunnie, whose real name is Amanda Williams, is a vibrant personality known for her beauty and fashion-related content. She is an entrepreneur who owns a clothing line called “The Bunny Collection.” The couple got married in 2013, and they’ve been together through thick and thin.

Bunnie Xo has been a significant support system for Jelly Roll, standing by him during his struggles and victories. She has been open about their life, challenges, and triumphs through her YouTube channel, giving fans an inside look into their journey together.

Their relationship is a testament to their love and commitment, defying the odds and standing strong amidst the ups and downs. Despite the spotlight, they continue to keep their personal life relatively private. However, their mutual admiration and support are evident in the rare glimpses they offer to their fans. It’s clear that Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie Xo, plays a pivotal role in his life, personally and professionally.

Jelly Roll’s Career

Jelly Roll’s career in the music industry began in 2003. His musical journey was rooted in his strict upbringing, channeling his experiences into his lyrics. His initial works garnered local attention, but his 2022 singles, “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner,” launched his career into the mainstream.

His single “Son of a Sinner” was particularly successful, winning him three CMT Music Awards. This recognition led to a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist in 2022, solidifying his industry position. Jelly Roll’s music stands out for its authenticity, often drawing from his personal experiences to tell stories of resilience and determination.

His distinctive style has made him a favorite among fans and critics alike. Despite his hardships, Jelly Roll has proven his staying power in the industry, continuing to produce music that resonates with people worldwide. His passion for music and dedication to his craft are evident in every song, making him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Jelly Roll’s Net Worth

Jelly Roll Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

With a career spanning over two decades, Jelly Roll’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as of 2024. This is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the music industry. His wealth primarily stems from his successful rapper, singer, and songwriter career.

His mainstream breakthrough with the 2022 singles “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner” earned him critical acclaim and significantly boosted his earnings. Additionally, he has accumulated income from touring, merchandise sales, and collaborations with other artists.

Despite his wealth, Jelly Roll maintains a relatively modest lifestyle, focusing primarily on his music and family. His net worth reflects his journey from a troubled childhood to a successful music career.

Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Category Measurement
Height 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Large
Chest Size Not Available
Waist Size Not Available
Hip Size Not Available


Jelly Roll, born Jason Bradley DeFord, is of American nationality and white ethnicity. While he has not publicly disclosed specifics about his ethnic background, he has often cited his roots in Antioch, Tennessee, a culturally diverse neighborhood of Nashville.

His experiences growing up in Antioch, combined with the complexities of his family background, have profoundly influenced his music and artistry. His lyrics often reflect his community’s gritty realities and socio-economic dynamics, thus showcasing an authentic representation of his background.

It’s important to note that while ethnicity can play a significant role in shaping an individual’s identity and experiences, Jelly Roll’s story is primarily shaped by his personal experiences and his passion for music.

Jelly Roll Net Worth, Age, Career, Family, Height Bio 2024

Before Fame

Jason Bradley DeFord had a tumultuous childhood before his rise to fame as Jelly Roll. His love for music developed as an escape from the harsh realities of his life. He was involved in unlawful activities at a young age, with a notable incident occurring at age 14 when he was arrested for multiple charges, including possession of marijuana and attempted robbery.

This period of his life, marked by hardship and struggle, shaped DeFord’s perspective and fueled his passion for music. He began his journey in the music industry in 2003, but it wasn’t until his 2022 singles, “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner,” that his career took off. Despite the difficulties of his early life, DeFord never lost sight of his love for music, persisting through adversity to become the respected artist Jelly Roll.


  • Music: With a passion for music that dates back to his childhood, it’s no surprise that music is one of Jelly Roll’s primary hobbies. Whether working on a new project or simply jamming for fun, Jelly Roll often immerses himself in music.
  • Writing: As a songwriter, Jelly Roll is naturally inclined towards writing. Outside of creating lyrics for his songs, he has been known to dabble in different forms of writing, using it as a creative outlet.
  • Family Time: Despite his busy schedule, Jelly Roll prioritizes spending time with his family. His wife Bunnie Xo and their shared life are central to his off-stage life.
  • Fishing: Jelly Roll is an avid fisherman. He often shares images and videos showing off his catches on his social media platforms, highlighting fishing as one of his cherished pastimes.
  • Cooking: His Southern roots shine through his love for cooking. He particularly enjoys preparing traditional Southern dishes, often sharing his culinary creations with fans online.
  • Fitness: In recent years, Jelly Roll has embarked on a health and fitness journey, often sharing updates about his workouts and progress on social media.

Favorite Things

  • Music: Jelly Roll’s love for music is well-known. He often listens to various genres to find inspiration for his songs.
  • Fishing: A keen fisherman, Jelly Roll loves spending his free time by the water with a fishing rod. It’s a hobby that he’s passionate about and provides a break from his busy music schedule.
  • Cooking: Another favorite activity of Jelly Roll’s is cooking, particularly Southern dishes. He enjoys experimenting with different flavors and often shares his culinary creations online.
  • Fitness: Recently, Jelly Roll has become a fitness enthusiast. Working out has become one of his favorite things, as it helps him stay healthy and energized.
  • Family Time: Undoubtedly, spending time with his family, especially with his wife Bunnie Xo, is one of Jelly Roll’s favorite things. He values these moments and considers them his source of happiness and inspiration.
  • Writing: As a songwriter, Jelly Roll also enjoys writing outside his professional realm. He often engages in writing as a form of personal expression and relaxation.

Social Media

Social Media Platform Username/Handle
Instagram @jellyroll615
Twitter @JellyRoll615
Facebook Jelly Roll

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Jelly Roll?

Jelly Roll was born on December 4, 1984, making him 39 years old in 2024.

Who is Jelly Roll’s wife?

Jelly Roll is married to Amanda Williams, also known as Bunnie Xo, a YouTuber and entrepreneur.

What is Jelly Roll’s net worth?

As of 2024, Jelly Roll’s estimated net worth is around $4 million.

Where is Jelly Roll from?

Jelly Roll is from Antioch, a neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee.

When did Jelly Roll start his career?

Jelly Roll started his career in the music industry in 2003.

What are Jelly Roll’s most successful songs?

His 2022 singles “Need a Favor” and “Son of a Sinner” are among his most successful works.


From humble beginnings in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, to achieving mainstream success and recognition in the music industry, Jelly Roll’s journey is truly inspiring. His unique musical style and his compelling personal narrative have touched the hearts of many, making him an influential figure in the industry.

Overcoming adversity, Jelly Roll has turned his life experiences into art, creating a connection with his fans that goes beyond the music. His dedication, talent, and resilience underscore his success and remind us that our past does not define our future. Even with his considerable achievements, Jelly Roll remains committed to his craft, continually pushing the boundaries of his music.

As he continues to evolve as an artist, one thing remains constant – Jelly Roll’s authentic storytelling resonates with listeners worldwide. His story is a testament to the power of music as a tool for expression, catharsis, and, ultimately, transformation.

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