Who is Katrina Jade? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Katrina Jade is a stunningly beautiful adult film actress, known for her alluring looks and captivating performances. Born and raised in California, she comes from a diverse ethnic background of Dutch, German, Hawaiian, Irish, Italian, Mexican, and Native American descent. Before entering the adult entertainment industry, Katrina worked as a sales associate and a hairstylist.

However, her venture into the world of adult filming indeed launched her career. In 2014, at 23, she debuted with Kink.com and worked with well-known studios such as Naughty America, Reality Kings, Brazzers, and many more.

Her impressive talents have not gone unnoticed; she has won awards from Spank Bank, XBiz, and AVN. Katrina Jade will continue making waves in the industry for years with her seductive performances and growing fan base.

Katrina Jade Bio/ Wiki

Field Information
Real Name Katrina Blackwell
Nick Name Kj Villain
Birthdate 31st October, 1991
Birthplace California
Profession Adult Actress, Model
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Current Rank #1038
Gender Female
Lives in Los Angeles, United States
Cast Unknown
User Rating 8.8/10 (172 Votes)
Speaking Language English
Category Actress

Who is Katrina Jade?

Katrina Jade, born on October 31, 1991, is a renowned American adult film actress and model with a diverse professional background. Hailing from Southern California, Katrina began her journey in the adult industry at 23 in 2014. Known for her captivating appeal and engaging performances, she quickly rose to prominence within the industry.

However, before her foray into adult entertainment, she pursued different careers, including a salesperson and hairstylist at Circuit City. Concurrently, she cultivated a significant social media presence, particularly on Instagram where she commands a sizable following. Katrina Jade’s fascinating career trajectory extends beyond her work in adult films.

As an Instagram influencer and model, she leverages her fame and attractive physique to engage with her fans and followers, enhancing her public profile. Considering the multifaceted nature of her professional endeavors, multifaceted net worth and earnings often emerge; these inquiries reflect curiosity about her financial success and underscore her popularity and standing in the entertainment industry.

Who is Katrina Jade? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Katherine Berkery Husband and Relationship Status

Katrina Jade married Nigel Dictator, a noted tattoo artist and photographer. Their engagement occurred in 2013 and was publicized on social media, drawing significant attention from her fan base.

Her wedding ceremony also became a social media spectacle when she posted pictures from the event. Nigel Dictator has been a strong pillar of support for Katrina Jade, standing by her side throughout her career.

Despite being in the limelight, Katrina Jade is known to be tight-lipped about her personal life. Although she is active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Only fans, she hasn’t disclosed any information regarding a boyfriend.

However, she has promised her followers to keep them updated if there are any new developments in her love life. Her relationship with Nigel Dictator is a testament to her solid personal life amidst her bustling professional commitments.

Family & Siblings

Katrina Jade’s familial background remains largely under wraps. Her parents are known to be Mr. and Mrs. Jade, but she has chosen to keep their personal information confidential, and thus, their occupations and other details are not publicly known. Furthermore, she has been extremely private about her siblings.

Whether she has any brothers or sisters is information that has not been disclosed to the public, a testament to her desire to maintain a distinct boundary between her professional and personal life. This privacy extends to her upbringing and early life as well, with little information available about her childhood.

Despite her high-profile career, Katrina Jade’s ability to keep her family life out of the spotlight displays a commendable degree of control over her public image. Her fans and followers respect her privacy, and in turn, she continues to captivate them with her performances and social media presence.

Who is Katrina Jade? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Net Worth

Establishing herself as an esteemed figure in the adult film industry and a successful Instagram influencer, Katrina Jade has managed to amass considerable wealth throughout her career. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is an impressive $3 million.

This sizable fortune reflects her lucrative endeavors in various fields, predominantly her adult film career and online activities. Her work with prestigious studios and numerous collaborations have contributed significantly to her income.

Field Information
Net Worth Around $3 million dollars (2023)
Monthly Salary $10K to $20K dollars
Yearly Salary $70K to $100K dollars
Income Sources Promoting products, Pornography industry

Likewise, her social media influence, particularly on Instagram, has further supplemented her earnings, providing additional avenues for revenue generation.

Therefore, Katrina Jade’s net worth underscores her business acumen and the financial success she has achieved through her multifaceted career. However, it’s worth noting that while her financial standing is public, she maintains a clear boundary regarding her personal life and family, which remains largely private.

Katrina Jade’s Body Measurement & Physical Appearances

Age 32 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 3 inches
Weight Approximately 55 Kg
Body Measurements 30D-24-34 Inches
Body Type Slim
Bra Size 30D
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Breast Size 30 Inches
Breast Natural
Waist Size 25 Inches
Hip Size 34 Inches
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Shoe Size 6 (US)
Dress Size 4 (US)

Who is Katrina Jade? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


Katrina Jade’s career took off in 2014 when she entered the adult film industry and debuted with Kink.com. Her unique style, characterized by prominent tattoos like “Blessed” on her right wrist, a spiderweb under her hair, and “Daddy’s Girls” located intimately, quickly grabbed attention. Her edgy piercings, including a dermal on her chest and on both nipples, further distinguished her image.

This distinct style and engaging performances saw her working with top studios such as Naughty America, Reality Kings, and Brazzers. She made waves with her appearances in notable films like “Justice League: An Axel Braun Parody” and “Midnight Titty Madness with Miss Katrina”.

Her work in “ZZ Series” and “Room 4 Girls 2” also earned her acclaim. Katrina Jade’s career, thus, is marked by her dynamic performances and unique personal style. Her ventures into various sectors within the industry, from performing to modelling, reveal her versatile talents. Despite her impressive resume, she continues to explore and expand her craft in the industry.

Education Qualification

Katrina Jade pursued her early education at a local high school in California. Following her high school education, she attended the University of California, where she graduated. Her education equipped her with a foundation that would later contribute to her career path, showcasing her determination and will to succeed from an early age.

Despite being a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry, Katrina Jade’s educational background is a testament to her versatility and personal growth. Her major or field of study at the University of California remains undisclosed. However, graduating from such a reputable institution underscores her intellectual capability and apparent physical appeal. This aspect of her life adds another layer to the multifaceted persona of Katrina Jade, an adult film star with an undeniable intellect.

Who is Katrina Jade? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Awards and Achievements

Katrina Jade’s commitment and determination in her career have been rewarded with numerous accolades. The XBIZ Awards recognized her talent, nominating her as Best Female Performer in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and she even took home the Best Scene All-Girl award in 2016.

The AVN Awards celebrated her performances, nominating her for Best Starlet in 2015, winning the Best Group Scene in 2016, and commending her double penetration performance in 2017.

Furthering her recognition, the Inked Awards nominated her for Best Oral Girls in 2015. The Spank Bank Awards crowned her with the Best Butt accolade in 2018 and named her Most Magnificent Milf the same year.

These awards and nominations signify Katrina Jade’s prowess and talent in the adult film industry, reflecting her high-quality performances and the respect she commands among her peers. Her accomplishments are a testament to her hard work, skill, and resilience in an industry that is as competitive as rewarding.

Social Media Platform

Social media plays a significant role in Katrina Jade’s interaction with her fans and the promotion of her professional work. Under the handle @officialkatrina__jade on Instagram, she engages with her 42k followers through visually captivating posts, often showcasing her stunning physique and lifestyle.

Twitter is another platform where Katrina has a strong presence. Her account, Kj_fetish model, has a remarkable following of approximately 800k people. Additionally, she maintains a Facebook page, @katrinajadeoffical, which has around 5k followers.

She also has a presence on YouTube under the handle @Katrina jade, where she shares exclusive content to keep her fans engaged. On Only fans, a platform popular within the adult industry, she goes by @Katrinajade and has 450+ posts.

Katrina has also ventured into TikTok, a popular video-sharing platform, under the handle @Katrinajadetiktok. Lastly, her career and personal details are accessible on Wikipedia @Katrina Jade. The regular updates and engaging content on these platforms highlight her connection with her audience and her dedication to maintaining a solid online presence.

Social Media Platform Account Handle Follower Count
Instagram @officialkatrina__jade 42k
Twitter @Kj_fetishmodel Around 800k
Facebook @katrinajadeofficial Around 5k
Youtube @KatrinaJade

Favourite Things

A peek into Katrina Jade’s personal preferences reveals a unique array of favourite that offer a glimpse of her life beyond the silver screen. Her preferred colors are red and black, perhaps reflecting her edgy style and persona.

A keen traveler, she loves exploring different places and cultures, which also serves as a means to unwind and refresh from her work commitments.

An animal lover at heart, Katrina is particularly fond of dogs. Regarding culinary preferences, she particularly likes pizza, a popular comfort food loved by many. In mainstream cinema, Leonardo DiCaprio tops her list of favourite actors.

At the same time, in her industry, she admires Danny D. Among actresses, she is fond of Leanne Morgan. While the favourite place of this globetrotting actress remains undisclosed, it adds an air of mystery to her persona. These favourites reflect her tastes and allow her fans to connect with her on a more personal level.

Fun Facts

A few fun facts about Katrina Jade may surprise and intrigue fans and followers. This award-winning adult actress has won awards for AVN, XRCO, Inked, and Spank Bank. Known for speaking out on gender equality, she proudly identifies as bisexual and has openly expressed her intention to maintain a long-term career in pornography.

Who is Katrina Jade? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Her many tattoos, including the word “Blessed” on her left wrist, reflect her unique personality and style. An advocate for mental health, she has openly discussed her struggles with stress and anxiety. Katrina’s first job was as a hairstylist at Circuit City, marking the beginning of her diverse professional journey. She is a proud pet parent and has a dog of her own.

According to a recent report, she is a mother of one. She has a prolific career and worked on more than 400 videos. These little-known facts about Katrina Jade reveal a multifaceted woman behind the camera, showing her journey, accomplishments, and personal interests.


What was Katrina Jade’s first job?

Katrina’s first job was as a hairstylist at Circuit City.

Who is Katrina Jade married to?

Katrina is married to Nigel Dictator, a well-known tattoo artist and photographer.

How many siblings does Katrina Jade have?

Details about her siblings are not publicly known as she maintains a distinct boundary between her professional and personal life.

What is Katrina Jade’s estimated net worth?

As of 2023, her estimated net worth is an impressive $3 million.

What was her breakthrough in the adult film industry?

Her breakthrough came in 2014 when she debuted with Kink.com.

What awards has she won in her career?

Some notable awards include the AVN Award for Best Group Scene in 2016 and the Spank Bank Award for Best Butt in 2018.

What platforms is Katrina Jade active on?

Katrina is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Only fans, and TikTok.

Who are some of her favourite actors and actresses?

In mainstream cinema, she admires Leonardo DiCaprio, and among her industry peers, she admires Danny D and Leanne Morgan.

How does she deal with stress and anxiety?

Katrina is an advocate for mental health and openly discusses her struggles with stress and anxiety.

How many videos has she worked on in her career?

She has worked on more than 400 videos in her career.


In adult entertainment, Katrina Jade has established herself as a respected and influential figure. Her career journey from a hairstylist to a renowned adult film actress showcases her versatility and resilience.

Alongside her career, her personal life, including her marriage to Nigel Dictator and her love for pets, paints the picture of a woman who values her private life as much as her professional commitments.

Despite her success, she remains a strong advocate for mental health and gender equality, reflecting a character as compassionate as it is ambitious. Her estimated net worth of $3 million demonstrates her commercial success and business acumen.

Yet, her personal life, including her family and siblings, remains a secret. With more than 400 videos to her name, a significant social media following, and many awards, Katrina Jade continues to be a force to reckon with in the adult film industry. Her story is of determination, success, and an undying spirit, proving that she is more than just her on-screen persona.

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