Who is Lee Asher? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Lee Asher is a well-known American Instagram personality. He was born on August 25, 1988, making him 35. He has gained a massive following of over 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account, the asher house, where he shares fitness, lifestyle, and dog photos.

But Lee is more than just an influencer; he has also established himself as a successful businessman and philanthropist. With his charming personality and dedication to living a healthy and positive life, Lee has become a source of inspiration for many.

As per numerology, Lee’s Life Path Number is 5, which signifies adventure, change, and freedom. Let’s look closer at the life, career, family, net worth, and height of this talented individual who continues to make waves in the digital world and beyond.

Who is Lee Asher? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Lee Asher Bio/ Wiki

Attribute Value
Full Name Lee Asher
Birthdate August 25, 1988
Age 35
Birthplace United States
Occupation Celebrity Instagram Star
Instagram Account the asher house
Instagram Followers Over 1.4 million
Numerology Life Path Number: 5

Who is Lee Asher?

Lee Asher, born to parents Louise and Mark Horowitz in Fort Lauderdale, USA, is a well-regarded American Instagram personality and philanthropist known for his commitment to animal rescue and care. Along with his sister, Alexis, Lee grew up with a passion for dogs, eventually leading him to start a non-profit dog sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon.

This endeavor came to fruition through a partnership with his friend, Luke Burton, with whom he started adopting dogs. His dedication to this cause has not only brought him fame but also allowed him to make a tangible impact on the lives of many needy animals. His work, vibrant lifestyle, and fitness posts have earned him over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Today, Lee Asher isn’t just an influencer but a figure of positive change in the animal care and rescue world.

Who is Lee Asher? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Lee Asher Family Background

Born into a loving family, Lee Asher is the son of Louise and Mark Horowitz. Raised in Fort Lauderdale, Lee and his sister Alexis were instilled with a deep appreciation for animals at a young age, a passion that would later shape his life and career.

Louise and Mark ensured their children were surrounded by a nurturing and supportive environment, fostering a strong familial bond and igniting a love for dogs.

Although Lee has always been private about his personal life, he occasionally shares glimpses of his family on social media, showcasing his closeness with his parents and sister.

His parents’ encouragement and belief in him have played a significant role in his journey towards becoming a successful influencer and philanthropist. His family background has dramatically influenced Lee’s path, aiding him in making a difference in the world.


Early Life & Education

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Lee Asher spent much of his childhood surrounded by dogs, developing a deep bond with animals from a young age.

He received his education at a local high school, where he was famous for his athletic abilities and outgoing nature. Lee was an active student, participating in various sports activities and showcasing his commitment to fitness and health from an early age. After completing high school, Lee chose a different path from traditional education.

Instead of attending university, he embarked on various entrepreneurial pursuits, which later paved the way for his success as a businessman.

This decision also allowed him to devote more time to his passion for animal care, eventually leading him to establish his non-profit dog sanctuary. Despite not following a conventional academic path, Lee’s life experiences gave him the skills and knowledge to become a successful influencer and philanthropist.

Who is Lee Asher? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Career Journey

Lee Asher’s career began with a distinct entrepreneurial spirit. He embarked on various business ventures, which eventually facilitated his growth into a successful businessman.

However, his passion for dogs led him to turn his career towards philanthropy. Lee and his friend, Luke Burton, initiated a mission to adopt dogs from various shelters and give them a loving home. This mission birthed the Asher House, a non-profit dog sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon, where they rescue and rehabilitate needy dogs.

Additionally, Lee started documenting his fitness regimen and lifestyle on Instagram, quickly gaining popularity for his charming personality and inspiring journey. His dedication to animal care and his vibrant social media presence allowed him to amass a large following and become a highly sought-after influencer.

While his business success is notable, his most profound achievement lies in his efforts to change the world of animal rescue and care, making a real difference in the lives of countless dogs. Today, Lee Asher balances running his sanctuary and engaging his followers through Instagram.

Before Fame

Before achieving fame as an Instagram personality and respected philanthropist, Lee Asher lived a life much like any other average American. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he was an active youth known for his athletic abilities and love for dogs. Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him involved in several ventures in his early years, providing him with valuable life experiences.

Although his Instagram fame and the establishment of his non-profit sanctuary, The Asher House, are now central to his identity, his life before the spotlight was equally noteworthy. One of the earliest photographs archived on his Instagram account reveals a snapshot of his life before fame: a picturesque image taken in Fiji.

This suggests that even before the rise of his social media career, Lee had a knack for adventure and exploration. His journey to fame wasn’t overnight but resulted from a well-lived life driven by passion, determination, and an enduring love for animals.

Lee Asher’s Body Measurement & Physical Appearances

Attribute Value
Full Name Lee Asher
Height 5’7″
Estimated Net Worth $2 million
More Information Link to Article

Legacy and Impact

The impact of Lee Asher’s work is far-reaching, transforming the lives of numerous dogs and inspiring others to engage in animal rescue. His successful efforts to create the Asher House have sparked a ripple effect, encouraging more people to adopt and rescue animals.

The sanctuary provides a haven for dogs in need and raises awareness about the importance of animal adoption. His Instagram platform, boasting over 1.4 million followers, further amplifies his message of compassion towards animals. By showcasing the joyous lives of his adopted dogs, he fosters a greater understanding and love for these animals, breaking down stigmas surrounding rescue dogs.

More than just a businessman and influencer, Lee Asher is a symbol of positive change in the animal care and rescue world. His legacy is defined by his entrepreneurial success and philanthropic work in animal rescue, embodying a spirit of giving back and making a difference.


A few fun facts about Lee Asher often intrigue his followers. His life path number, according to numerology, is 5, which represents adventure, change, and freedom – all elements that perfectly encapsulate Lee’s vibrant life and journey.

Before his fame, one of the earliest photographs on his Instagram was from Fiji, indicating his love for travel and exploration from a young age. Despite his large social media following, Lee is somewhat private about his personal life, but he often shares snapshots of his family, including his sister, Alexis. His favorite pastime, unsurprisingly, involves spending time with his dogs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His Instagram feed is flooded with images of his fitness journey, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle to his followers. Lee Asher’s life is full of passion and commitment, but these trivia tidbits offer a deeper insight into his persona.

Favorite Things

Given his lifestyle and what he shares on his Instagram, it’s evident that Lee Asher’s favorite things revolve around his love for fitness and animals. His greatest joy comes from spending quality time with his dogs, which he has adopted from various shelters.

He often shares images of hiking, swimming, and playing with them, revealing his adoration for outdoor activities. Another significant part of his life is his commitment to fitness and healthy lifestyle. From rigorous workouts to balanced meals, Lee frequently shares his health journey with his followers, promoting a lifestyle of well-being. Apart from this, his love for travel and adventure is apparent, with photos from various locations worldwide regularly appearing on his feed.

His preference for keeping his personal life somewhat private makes it challenging to delve further into his favorites, but it’s evident that his dogs, fitness, and travel are at the top of his list.

Net Worth

While the exact figures of Lee Asher’s net worth are not publicly available, it’s clear that he has been financially successful in his various endeavors. His income sources are diverse, including proceeds from his entrepreneurial ventures and earnings from his social media activities, with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Additionally, Lee’s non-profit dog sanctuary, The Asher House, likely receives donations and support from generous benefactors, though it’s uncertain how much of this contributes to his wealth. Despite his success, it’s evident that for Lee, the value of his work lies not in material gain but in the positive impact he makes on the lives of dogs and his followers. His dedication to animal care, philanthropy, and promoting a healthy lifestyle speaks volumes about his rich life, which cannot be solely measured in monetary terms.

Who is Lee Asher? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


  • When Lee Asher isn’t busy running his dog sanctuary or maintaining his robust Instagram presence, he indulges in various hobbies that reflect his vibrant lifestyle.
  • His Instagram feed showcases his love for outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming, and traveling to new places.
  • He is also an avid fitness enthusiast, frequently sharing snapshots of his workouts and healthy meals, indicating his commitment to staying fit.
  • His most cherished pastime, however, is undoubtedly spending time with his rescued dogs.
  • From playing fetch to enjoying a calm evening cuddle session, Lee’s love for his dogs permeates his everyday life.
  • Whether exploring the great outdoors or dedicating time to physical wellness, Lee’s hobbies revolve around promoting a lifestyle of health, happiness, and a profound love for animals.

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Where was Lee Asher born?

Lee was born in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

Who are Lee Asher’s parents?

Lee is the son of Louise and Mark Horowitz.

How did Lee become an Instagram personality?

He gained popularity through posts about his fitness regimen, lifestyle, and his work in animal rescue.

What is the Asher House?

Lee founded a non-profit dog sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon, with his friend, Luke Burton.

What inspired Lee to start the Asher House?

He is passionate about dogs and is committed to animal rescue and care.

Is Lee involved in any business ventures?

Yes, he started his career with various entrepreneurial pursuits.

Does Lee have any siblings?

Yes, he has a sister named Alexis.

What are some of Lee’s hobbies?

Lee loves outdoor activities, fitness, and spending time with his dogs.

How much is Lee’s net worth?

Exact figures are unavailable, but he has income from his entrepreneurial ventures and Instagram platform.

What is the primary message Lee aims to convey?

Compassion towards animals, particularly the importance of animal adoption and rescue.


From his early life in Fort Lauderdale to his emergence as a well-known Instagram personality and respected philanthropist, Lee Asher’s journey has been a testament to living a life driven by passion, health, and compassion.

His entrepreneurial pursuits reflect his independent spirit, while his commitment to animal rescue demonstrates his empathy and dedication to making a positive change. His ability to utilize his fame to champion a cause close to his heart exemplifies the power of social media as a platform for change. Although his net worth remains undisclosed, his true wealth lies in his impact on the lives of countless animals and people he inspires daily.

A look at Lee’s life is at someone who truly understands the importance of using influence for a cause greater than oneself. With his infectious positivity and enduring dedication to animal care, Lee Asher inspires many, proving that success can be measured by material wealth and the lives touched and transformed along the way.

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