Mia Sand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth And More


Mia Sand is a Danish fitness model, which means she poses for pictures to show off her strong muscles. Mia is also a fitness coach and a social media personality. So, when she’s not pumping iron in the gym, she’s teaching others how to be fit and healthy, too. And when she’s not doing that, she’s sharing her life and workouts with all her followers on social media. 

Curious to know more about her age, height, husband, net worth, and other interesting facts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into the world of Mia Sand and learn all there is to know about this inspiring woman.

Who is Mia Sand?

Mia Sand is a Danish fitness model born on October 11, 1987, and comes from the country of Denmark. In case you don’t know, Denmark is a small country in Europe that’s known for things like yummy pastries, cool Vikings, and pretty colourful houses! But today, we’re talking about Mia Sand, who is one of Denmark’s most popular fitness models. That’s a job where she gets to show off her muscles and strength in photoshoots for magazines, ads, and social media.

But guess what? Mia is not just a fitness model. She is also super popular on social media. She has thousands and thousands of followers who look up to her. They love to see her workout videos, her daily life, and all the fun and inspiring things she shares. Mia is like a superstar on social media!

Apart from modelling and being a social media star, Mia also works as a fitness coach. This is another super cool job where she helps other people become fit and healthy. She teaches them how to exercise, what to eat, and how to take good care of their bodies. It’s like she’s a teacher but for fitness! So that’s Mia Sand. She’s a fitness model, a social media personality, and a fitness coach. She is someone who loves fitness and shares that love with everyone else. It’s like she’s a superhero but for health and fitness!

Mia Sand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth And More

Mia Sand Career

Imagine starting a new journey with a four-year-old child to look after. That’s exactly what Mia Sand did a few years back. She started her journey towards fitness as a mom, and guess what? She did a super job at it! Mia didn’t just become fit; she became a fitness sensation! She’s now a famous fitness model and coach who is loved and followed by thousands of people.

But you know what’s even cooler? Some top fitness brands, including Workout Empire, sponsor Mia. Being sponsored means these brands think Mia is really great, and they want her to use their stuff. They believe in her fitness journey and want to be a part of it.

That’s like getting an A+ from your teacher! Just goes to show that when you work hard and believe in yourself, great things can happen. And Mia Sand’s hard work has definitely paid off. Her career in fitness is going strong, and she continues to inspire people every day. How cool is that? 

Before Fame

Mia Sand was born and raised in Denmark, a small country known for its rich history, delicious pastries, and breathtaking landscapes. Growing up, she was always an active child who enjoyed playing sports and being outdoors. However, it was only in her adult years that she discovered her passion for fitness and bodybuilding. Despite not coming from a fitness background, Mia was determined to sculpt her body and improve her health. She began her fitness journey with a simple goal: to become the best version of herself.

This meant endless hours at the gym, adhering to a strict diet, and making sacrifices along the way. It was a tough journey, filled with challenges and setbacks, but Mia persevered. Her dedication and determination soon paid off, and she began to see incredible changes in her body and health.

These transformations, coupled with the growing appreciation and admiration from others, fueled her desire to inspire and motivate others towards a healthier lifestyle. Thus, before she knew it, Mia Sand was on her way to becoming one of Denmark’s most popular fitness models and coaches.

Mia Sand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth And More

How Old is Mia Sand?

Mia Sand was born on a cool fall day on October 11, 1987. This makes her 37 years old! But age is just a number. Mia shows us that it doesn’t matter how old you are; you can still be super fit and strong. It’s like she’s proving that you can be a fitness superhero at any age. So remember, there is always time to start your fitness journey, just like Mia Sand. Now, isn’t that cool?

Mia Sand Education

Mia Sand has always been big on learning. It’s not just about lifting weights and being strong for her. She also likes to learn new things and use her knowledge to help others. While we know she’s a fitness model, coach, and social media superstar, we need to find out where she went to school or what she studied.

It’s like a mystery! But given how smart she is about fitness and health, it wouldn’t be surprising if she studied something related to it. Maybe she learned about nutrition, exercise science, or even sports medicine! We might not know exactly what Mia studied, but one thing is for sure – she’s used her education to become a successful fitness model and coach. It’s like she’s the perfect example of how learning can lead to doing what you love.

So, always remember to stay curious and keep learning, just like Mia Sand!

Who is Mia Sand’s Husband?

Mia Sand is not just married to any ordinary guy; her husband is a super fit bodybuilder named Rune Jacobsen! It’s like they are a superhero fitness couple. Rune loves working out and staying fit just as much as Mia does. The two even work out at the same gym, which must be pretty cool.

Can you imagine lifting weights and doing exercises with your husband or wife? That’s what Mia and Rune do! They even welcomed a cute baby boy named Norr on July 20, 2018. Even with a busy schedule of workouts, photoshoots, and being a social media star, Mia still has time to be a great mom.

Now that’s impressive! So that’s who Mia Sand’s husband is – Rune Jacobsen, a fellow fitness lover and her workout partner for life. They sure do make a strong team!

Mia Sand’s Fitness Journey

You know how some stories start with “once upon a time”? Well, Mia Sand’s fitness journey starts like that, too, except it wasn’t in a faraway kingdom but in a gym. It began when she was a mom with a four-year-old little boy to look after. Can you believe it? Mia decided she wanted to be super fit and strong, not just for herself but for her son, too. Mia started going to the gym and working really hard.

She lifted heavy weights, did tons of exercises, and followed a healthy diet. And guess what? She loved every minute of it! Mia fell in love with fitness and decided she wanted to do more than just be fit. She wanted to inspire others to be fit, too. So, she became a fitness model, posing for pictures that show off her strong muscles. And she became a fitness coach, teaching others how to be healthy and strong.

It’s like she turned her fitness journey into a super cool career! But the best part of her journey is that she shares it with all of us on social media. She shows us her workouts, her healthy meals, and even her cute little boy. It’s like she’s inviting us to join her on her fitness journey. How awesome is that?

Mia Sand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth And More

Mia Sand’s Net Worth?

You must be wondering, with all of her amazing jobs, how much money does Mia Sand make? While we can’t say for sure because it’s a secret, we can make a guess. Considering all her success as a fitness model, coach, and social media superstar, she’s probably doing pretty well. Just imagine, she’s like a fitness princess and her castle is filled with a lot of gold coins! In the real world, she might have at least 1 million dollars.

That’s a lot of money, right? But remember, it’s not just about the money. Mia works hard because she loves what she does, and she wants to inspire others to be fit and healthy. So, while her net worth might be pretty impressive, what’s really cool is how she uses her success to help others. Now that’s priceless!

Mia Sand Family

Mia Sand has a super cool family that’s all about fitness and love! Her husband is Rune Jacobsen, who is also a fitness lover like her. They’re like a power couple, lifting weights and staying healthy together. Isn’t that cool? They even work out in the same gym! Rune isn’t just her husband but also her best workout buddy. Mia and Rune have two adorable boys. Their eldest son is Sean, and their youngest son is Norr, who was born on July 20, 2018. Mia loves being a mom.

Even with her busy schedule, she always has time for her kids. She’s like a supermom! The coolest thing is that Mia and Rune’s love for fitness doesn’t stop with them. They’re passing it on to their sons too! Can you imagine having such super-fit parents? It’s like being part of a superhero fitness family! So, that’s Mia Sand’s family. It’s a family filled with love, health, and strength. They show us that you can be fit and have a fun family life, too. Now, isn’t that an amazing family to be part of?

Mia Sand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth And More

Body Measurements

Mia Sand stands tall at 170 cm, which is about 5 feet 7 inches for those preferring the imperial system. Her strong physique, a product of years of dedicated workouts and strict diet, weighs in at a sturdy 80 Kg or 176 pounds. Her body measurements, reflecting the epitome of fitness, are an impressive 32-26-32.<

But the physical attributes of Mia are not just limited to her well-toned body. Her expressive eyes are a captivating shade of brown that complements her luscious blonde hair. Every inch of her exudes power, confidence, and charm, making her an epitome of strength and beauty. So, it’s no surprise that she’s been turning heads and inspiring many around the globe!

Social Media Presence

Like many other fitness personalities, Mia Sand has built a massive following on social media. She has a robust presence on Instagram under the handle @missmiafit, boasting over a million followers. Mia uses her platform to inspire and motivate others towards a healthier lifestyle. She regularly posts workout routines, nutritional advice, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life, including snippets of her journey towards fitness and health.

The Danish fitness model also interacts with her followers, sharing words of encouragement and answering their fitness-related queries. Additionally, Mia Sand’s YouTube channel houses workout routines, meal plans, and personal vlogs, giving a deeper insight into her fitness journey. It’s her authenticity and relatability that has endeared her to her followers, making her not just a fitness model but a friend and guide to many aspiring to lead a healthier life. 

Awards & Nominations

While Mia Sand is not one to toot her own horn, it’s hard to overlook her contributions to the fitness industry. Her dedication, grit, and resilience have not only earned her a massive following but also recognition within the fitness fraternity. Mia’s work has been acknowledged with several nominations and accolades. Most notably, she was honoured with the ‘Most Inspirational Fitness Personality’ award in 2018.

However, Mia needs to measure her success in trophies or titles. For her, the real award is the progress of her clients and the messages from her followers about how she has positively impacted their fitness journey. Her commendable work ethic, combined with her humble nature, truly sets her apart in the fitness world. 


As a public figure, it’s nearly impossible to steer clear of controversies, and Mia Sand is no exception. However, it’s noteworthy to mention that the controversies she has faced are far from scandalous. Primarily, she has been a subject of body shaming, with critics often questioning her muscular physique and labelling it as ‘too masculine’. Mia, with her characteristic resilience, has always addressed such comments head-on, advocating body positivity and self-love.

Another controversy often surrounding her is the use of performance-enhancing substances, a common speculation in the world of fitness modelling. While Mia has never explicitly addressed this, she continues to promote a natural and holistic approach to fitness, which speaks volumes about her stand on the issue.

Despite the controversies, Mia’s popularity and influence continue to soar, proving that she’s here to stay and thrive. It’s evident that she doesn’t let negativity hinder her journey; rather, she uses it as fuel to drive her passion for fitness and her commitment to inspiring others.

Mia Sand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth And More


When Mia Sand isn’t inspiring the world with her fitness feats, she loves to indulge in her hobbies that add a unique flavour to her personality.

Outdoor Activities: Mia is a nature enthusiast. She often enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and camping, making the most of Denmark’s stunning landscapes.

Travel: She’s a globe-trotter! With a passion for exploring different cultures and cuisines, Mia loves to travel and shares her adventures with her followers.

Cooking: Healthy and tasty – that’s Mia’s cooking mantra. She loves experimenting in the kitchen, often creating wholesome, nutritious recipes.

Photography: It comes as no surprise that a model loves photography. But Mia doesn’t just pose; she loves to get behind the lens and capture life’s moments.

Reading: Mia is an avid reader. She often shares her favourite books with her followers, spanning genres from self-help to fiction.

These hobbies not only show us a different side of Mia Sand but also add depth to her personality, making her even more relatable to her followers.


Mia Sand stands tall at a height of 170 cm, or 5 feet 7 inches.

Mia Sand hails from the beautiful country of Denmark in Europe.

Mia Sand is a Danish fitness model, fitness coach, and popular social media personality.

Mia Sand's estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars.

Yes, Mia Sand was honoured with the 'Most Inspirational Fitness Personality' award in 2018.

You can follow Mia Sand on Instagram under the handle @missmiafit. She also runs a YouTube channel where she shares workout routines, meal plans, and personal vlogs.

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Through this captivating journey into Mia Sand’s life, we’ve discovered not just an enviable physique but also a vibrant personality filled with a passion for fitness and a dedication to inspiring others. It is evident that she is much more than a fitness model and social media star; she is a relentless champion of health, a guiding light for those on their fitness journey, and an unwavering pillar of strength, both physical and mental. As we see her breaking stereotypes, overcoming challenges, and inspiring a healthier lifestyle among her followers, it’s clear that Mia’s story is an ongoing testament to what you can achieve with persistence and a love for what you do. So, let’s take a leaf out of Mia’s book and strive for our personal best, whether it’s in fitness or any other endeavour we undertake. After all, as Mia often says, “It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.” Now, that’s a motto we could all do well to live by!

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