Who is Lola Brooke? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Meet Lola Brooke, the rising rapper taking the music industry by storm. With hit singles like “Options” and “Back 2 Business,” it’s no surprise that she caught the attention of record label Team80 in 2016. Since then, she has been making waves in the industry with her unique flow and dynamic stage presence. In 2017, she released her first music video for the freestyle track “2017 Flow,” showcasing her raw talent and solidifying her place in the rap scene.

Lola has also opened for notable artists such as Rich The Kid at PlayStation Theatre. She collaborates with big names like Jaquae, Black Youngsta, DJ Kay Slay, and DJ Envy.

Lola continues to make a name for herself and gain a loyal fan base. Her single “Don’t Play With It” has amassed over 17 million streams on Spotify, solidifying her as one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers in the game. Get ready to hear more from Lola Brooke as she rises to the top in 2024 and beyond.

Lola Brooke Bio/ Wiki

Name Lola Brooke
Profession Rapper
Birthday February 1, 1994
Birth Sign Aquarius
Birthplace United States
Age 30 years old
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Father Deceased
Mother Single parent
Siblings None

Who is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke is an American rapper who catapulted onto the music scene in 2016. Originating from Brooklyn, New York, her gritty lyrics and unique sound represent the resilience and diversity of her hometown. Brooke is recognized for her gripping singles like “Don’t Play With It,” “Back to Business,” and “Here I Come.”

Her popularity skyrocketed when “Don’t Play With It” went viral on various social media platforms, earning her a substantial following.

Fans and music critics alike have been captivated by her boldness and authenticity, making her one of the most exciting new voices in the rap industry. With her powerful presence and unapologetic style, Lola Brooke is not just a rapper; she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

Who is Lola Brooke? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Early Life & Education       

Lola Brooke was born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and is an only child. Her mother, a widow, raised her. Brooke’s interest in rap was sparked by watching the music video of 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” in 2002 and Lil Wayne’s “Cannon” from his 2006 mixtape Dedication 2.

Inspired by these artists and Meek Mill, she began creating music in 2016 with her cousin, Jah, who was learning beat-making on Pro Tools. Until 2017, she worked as a residential aide at a shelter but quit to focus on her music career entirely.

Her breakout single, “Don’t Play with It,” was released in 2021 after signing with Team 80 Productions in 2016. The song went viral on Twitter before gaining popularity on TikTok and Instagram. Brooke considers Pop Smoke a significant influence on her distinctive cadence. She signed with Arista Records in January 2023 and had the opportunity to open for A Boogie with da Hoodie during his Me v. Myself Tour in early 2023.

Who is Lola Brooke? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024


The talented Lola Brooke was born on February 1, 1994, making her 29 years old as of 2023. Born as Shyniece Thomas in Brooklyn, New York, she chose her stage name by merging Lola Bunny, her favorite cartoon character, and Brooklyn, her hometown, which profoundly influenced her music and identity.

She faced a significant loss early in her life with the passing of her father, Dennis. This loss was so impactful that she honored him by naming her debut album “Dennis Daughter.” This date marks the birth of an extraordinary artist and is a testament to the resilience and determination that defines Lola Brooke.

Before Fame

Before the lights, stage, and fame, Lola Brooke was just a young girl from Brooklyn with a pen and a dream. As a child, she found solace in writing, frequently pouring her thoughts and emotions into her journal. This passion for writing evolved into a fascination with music and lyrics at a young age.

Lola crafted her first song at the tender age of eight, showcasing a natural talent for rhythm and rhyme. However, her journey to stardom wasn’t immediate or accessible. Before her music career took off, she earned a living as a residential aide at a shelter.

This experience provided financial support and enriched her understanding of human struggles and resilience. These encounters fueled her music, providing her with real-life narratives that make her lyrics relatable and impactful. Brooke’s background as an aide at a shelter and her early love for music writing laid a solid foundation for her soaring career.

Family Background

Lola Brooke hails from a small family of her and her mother, who single-handedly raised her in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Her father, Dennis, passed away when she was still very young, leaving a void in her life that she acknowledges in her music.

Not much is known about her mother, but her resilience in raising Lola as a single parent in a tough neighborhood undoubtedly shaped Lola’s gritty, determined persona. Lola is an only child; thus, her family circle is small but meaningful.

Her cousin, Jah, has played a significant role in her life and music career, helping her create beats during her early music journey. Lola’s tight-knit family, though they faced hardship, provided the emotional support and motivation she needed to pursue her dreams, instilling in her a strength evident in her music.

Who is Lola Brooke? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Lola Brooke‘s Body Measurement & Physical Appearances

Name Lola Brooke
Height 5 feet
Weight 52 kg
Body Measurements 32-28-33 inches
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Dress Size 5
Shoe Size 6 (US)

Boyfriend and Relationship Status

Lola Brooke keeps a low profile regarding her personal life, particularly her romantic relationships. Although in the public eye, she prefers to keep this aspect of her life private. As of 2024, there has been no public confirmation or indication of Lola Brooke being in a relationship.

She is focused on her blossoming music career and determined to keep reaching new heights.

However, if she ever decides to share more about her love life with the public, her fans will undoubtedly be excited to know more. Until then, Lola Brooke remains an enigma off-stage, captivating us with her music and leaving us intrigued about the woman behind the microphone.

Legacy and Impact

Lola Brooke’s impact on the music industry is undeniable. She’s made waves in the rap world in just a few short years with her unique sound and unapologetic style. Her success has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with and paved the way for other female rappers.

Despite facing adversity and loss at a young age, Brooke has used her experiences as fuel to produce music that resonates with many. Her honest and gritty lyrics have allowed her fans to connect with her more deeply, proving that music can be a powerful expression.

Brooke’s dedication to her craft inspires aspiring artists, demonstrating that one can achieve their dreams with hard work, authenticity, and passion. As she continues to rise, her legacy is just beginning to unfold. But one thing is sure: Lola Brooke has left an indelible mark on the rap industry, and her influence will undoubtedly continue to shape it.

Net Worth

While the exact figures of Lola Brooke’s net worth are not public, her steady rise in the music industry over the past few years suggests a significant increase in her earnings. After signing with Team80 Productions in 2016 and Arista Records in 2023, she has produced several hit singles and opened for renowned artists, undoubtedly contributing to her overall wealth.

In addition to her music career, Lola likely earns from merchandise sales, live performances, and collaborations with other artists.

Her breakout single “Don’t Play with It” alone has garnered over 17 million streams on Spotify, providing a notable revenue stream.

Despite her increasing wealth, Lola remains focused on her music and genuine delivery, which has endeared her to fans and will likely continue to drive her success in the industry. However, Lola Brooke’s actual net worth remains undisclosed as of 2024.

Favorite Things

– Favorite Artists: Lola Brooke admires several hip-hop artists who have influenced her music. She counts 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill among her favorites and considers Pop Smoke a significant influence on her style.

– Hometown: Brooke deeply loves her birthplace, Brooklyn, New York. The borough’s diverse culture and grit have significantly influenced her music and identity.

– Favorite Cartoon Character: Lola Bunny, a character from Looney Tunes, is one of Brooke’s favorite cartoon characters. She loves her so much that she included the name in her stage persona.

– Music Production: Lola enjoys creating music with her cousin, Jah. They began their journey in 2016, using Pro Tools to create beats.

– Journal Writing: Brooke has a penchant for journaling, a pastime she discovered in childhood. This activity is a creative outlet and has played a crucial role in her lyrical development.

– Favorite Track: Among her works, her breakout single “Don’t Play With It” holds a special place, as it was instrumental in catapulting her career.

Who is Lola Brooke? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

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  • Lola Brooke’s specific height and other physical details have yet to be publicly disclosed as of 2024. However, from her public appearances, we can infer that she has a petite build, which starkly contrasts her larger-than-life stage persona.
  • Lola often sports a casual and stylish wardrobe, complemented by her signature long hair, which adds to her distinct style.
  • The rapper’s fashion choices reflect the vibrant energy of her Brooklyn upbringing, often incorporating streetwear elements and bold colors.
  • the lack of concrete details, Lola Brooke’s confident aura and unique fashion sense are a testament to her strong sense of identity both on and off the stage.
  • Regardless of her height or physical appearance, Lola stands tall in the industry with her undeniable talent and impactful music.


When did Lola Brooke start her music career?

Lola started her music career in 2016 when she signed with Team80 Productions.

What was her breakout single?

Lola’s breakout single is “Don’t Play with It,” released in 2021.

Who influenced Lola Brooke’s music style?

Her music style is influenced by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, and Pop Smoke.

Who raised Lola Brooke?

Her mother raised her in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

What was her job before fame?

Before her music career took off, she worked as a residential aide at a shelter.

Who does Lola Brooke collaborate with in creating beats?

She collaborates with her cousin, Jah.

How did she come up with her stage name, Lola Brooke?

It combines Lola Bunny, her favorite cartoon character, and Brooklyn, her hometown.

What’s the name of Lola’s debut album?

Her debut album is “Dennis Daughter,” after her late father.

What was Lola Brooke’s first-ever song?

Lola wrote her first song at the age of eight.

Is Lola Brooke in a relationship?

As of 2024, there’s no public information about Lola being in a relationship.


Lola Brooke’s story is one of resilience, talent, and dedication. From her humble beginnings in Brooklyn to her rise as a promising figure in the rap industry, she embodies the essence of pursuing one’s passion, no matter the obstacles.

Lola’s unique sound, authentic lyrics, and indomitable spirit set her apart, creating an undeniable buzz that keeps her fans eagerly waiting for what’s next. Despite her growing success, she maintains her grounded persona, further endearing her to her audience. As she continues to make waves in the music scene, one thing remains certain:

Lola Brooke is just getting started, and her star is set to shine even brighter. Her journey serves as an inspiration for upcoming artists and for those who dare to dream. In hip-hop, Lola Brooke is more than a rapper; she’s a trailblazer, making her mark one verse at a time.

As she embarks on the next phase of her career, the music industry and fans alike can expect nothing less than extraordinary from Lola Brooke.

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